Sunday, March 7, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

We had lots of good ideas, but we had to pick one that was both totally awesome, and that we could execute without looking like total fools. We ruled out a few from the beginning, like the Twitter Fail Whale. As cute as it would have been to have a whale carried by little Peep chicks in our diorama, we had enough trouble just trying to get Woodstock to fly last year. Getting more than one bird suspended in the air just wasn't going to happen. We ruled out Lady Gaga because we didn't want to have to try putting spandex or pleather on a Peep.

We got down to two ideas: the White House Easter Egg Roll, and Swine Flu, better known as Peep Flu. For the White House scenario, I envisioned a 3D background of the White House, with tiny versions of Michelle Obama's vegetable garden and Bo the dog. Maybe we'd throw in a few Secret Service bunnies. But when I drew out what I saw in my head, it looked like this:

Not so good.

So I drew up Peep Flu, which for the life of me I can't get to rotate:

Doug, who came up with the idea, had a similar drawing to offer:

Doug originally told me his idea while I was shoveling out my driveway from the third snowpocalypse, and he said, "I just think it would be funny if we had Peeps throwing up all over the place." Funny, yes. But would the judges approve of marshmallow vomit? Jessica and I didn't think so. But we agreed that it was an idea that we could execute and have fun with as we built it. We told Doug that if we toned down the marshmallow vomit aspect, this idea would be our best bet.

And so it began.

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