Monday, March 1, 2010

Meeting My Peep Soulmate

Jessica and I have lived together for almost two years, not counting the summer we spent tucked in a tiny dorm room at the University of Maryland, tripping over each other and trying not to sweat to death. She's also a Peep fan, but I know her obsession has grown exponentially since meeting me.

Here's a quick review of some of our paraphernalia:

Peeps beanie plushies (and my Hello Kitty train case, because I'm turning 8 this year)

Peeps bubbles (for entertaining the cat, we swear)

Peeps rubber duck, my gift to Jessica from the Peeps store at National Harbor

I can't remember who gave me this. It was either from my mother, as a gag gift, or from my ex-husband, as a very serious gift. Either way, I love it. And yes, I've used it.

When the Washington Post announced their 3rd annual Peeps diorama contest, Jessica and I decide we were going to tackle the challenge. Next, I'll tell you about how the challenege pretty much tackled us.

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