Saturday, March 6, 2010

Making Preparations

When I told you I was a Peep hoarder, I was not even kidding:

On the top shelf of our pantry--the magic shelf that holds Gatorade, stemware, and booze, we have a designated corner for Peeps.

Here's our current inventory:

We keep a wide variety on hand, as you never know what out-of-season Peeps might come in handy at contest time. When this year's diorama is complete, I'll have the green light to feast away on the surplus!

With some suggestions from our friends, the three of us started to brainstorm. We came up with the following ideas:
-Lady Gaga
-The White House Easter Egg Roll
-Swine Flu
-The DC Duck Tour or Segway Tour
-Twitter Fail Whale

You can think about how well all those ideas could be executed, and up next we'll narrow it down for you.

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