Friday, March 5, 2010

The Dream Team

Here we are, your diorama-building force with whom to be reckoned:

Jessica: the shy scientist better known as Cornbread in the hip-hop world.  Jessica loves to unwind with a nice glass of merlot and an Arrested Development marathon.

Lisa: That's me, the media gossip, sometimes better known as Lisatella.  I've been known to start my evening off with a can of Sparks...sometimes in Peep mid-construction.

Doug: Sells beds at Ikea by day, sings in every choir and chorale in the tri-state area by night.  Every now and then, he wanders up the stairs to our apartment with a martini in a Solo cup.  Classy.

Obviously, this team was designed for success.  Stop laughing.  That means you, mom.  We're three states away, but we know when you're laughing at us.

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