Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Saturday Marathon, Part II

I'm all covered in plague, but here are some more photos from the Saturday marathon:

Finally, around dinnertime, we started placing Peeps into the diorama.  We started with the outside scene, where I was pleased that we could use Peeps Christmas trees as shrubbery for the clinic.  Everyone needs some greenery, you know.  Roughage.

Of course we were still working on the living room floor like total idiots.  Hot glue gun + people + cat + marshmallows = DISASTER.

This little clinic sign came off a prescription that Jessica had so conveniently picked up from the CVS.  Here you can see one of the Peeps wearing its little mask that I made.  We superglued the masks on, because hot glue would have been too bulky and obvious.  The pink bunny in the foreground is one of the pregnant Peeps that Jessica made.  She's about to go to med school, we should have known she would have come up with that idea.

Oh look, we finally moved over to um.....THE TABLE.

Just when we were almost finished with construction, Jess got her very first hot glue gun burn.  Congratulations, Jessica.  

That's all I can muster for now.  Soon I'll put up some pictures of the really awesome interior of the diorama, and some overall shots of our finished product that the Washington Post doesn't want. Ahem.

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