Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Our Entry Description

As requested by the only member of my family who knows what a "blog" is, here is the text of our entry that was emailed to the Washington Post.  Doug is a pretty clever writer if I may say so myself:

We have titled our Peeps Diorama "Peep Flu!" in honor of the Swine Flu Extravaganza of 2009.  The diorama depicts the frenzied scene inside and outside a vaccine clinic.  Outside the clinic, hordes of anxious Peeps await their turn to receive the Peep Flu vaccine.  Among those waiting are pregnant mothers, seeking to protect their unborn children from the evils of Peep Flu, hypochondriac townspeople sporting face masks, and and a handful of other vaccine-seekers.  A television crew interviews a nurse in the parking lot, while inside, doctors and nurses tend to patients.    

Our team of diorama artists consists of all veteran diorama builders, who have joined forces to fight the Peep Flu. We will be chronicling the journey for our friends and blog enthusiasts everywhere -

Happy Peeping!
Lisa, Jessica, and Doug

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