Thursday, March 4, 2010

Doug Joins the Union

Doug and his roommate moved into the apartment below ours last fall, and we immediately had wild fantasies that it would be just like Friends, with everyone hanging out in each other's apartments all the time. That kind of happened. Every now and then, you'll find someone camped out in the other's apartment...usually when there's food around.

It helps that Doug and I hail from the same corner of Pennsylvania, and Jessica spent four years of college in the City of Brotherly Love.  Fate?  Oh, yes.  Destiny.

One night after a little drinking, Doug and I realized that we were both diorama veterans. He had entered the 2008 contest with this offering:

Holy crap, look at those details. The perfectly-placed google eyes! The necklaces! Bald Howie Mandel!

Doug didn't win any awards either, but he's clearly the engineer in our little union. We vowed to collaborate in the next Washington Post contest.  After all, Doug needed to shake off the bitterness of not being chosen as a finalist after he sewed together 18 tiny pearl necklaces.

In the meantime, the Peeps and Company store opened at National Harbor, and I wrote about it for online magazine Too Shy to Stop. The store opened on my birthday. Three cheers for perfectly-timed store openings:

I was the only one of our trio who has had the chance to visit the store so far, but don't worry--I've filled them in on all the sugary details.

It's almost time to get started on our 2010 entry!

But for now, everyone gets cheered up by this Easter Beagle, enjoy.

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