Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Saturday Marathon

The three of us finally reunited on Saturday in the late afternoon. I got my next burn in a matter of minutes.

Doug wasn't far behind, although in this picture I'm pretty sure he was just stuffing his face...again:

I'm not sure why we managed to make this choice--I'm going to blame it on the Olympics--but instead of working at the table like normal people, we ended up on the living room floor with the hot glue gun plugged in behind the DVD player. It was not a great creative space.

One of the hardest tasks we faced was clothing. When we came up with the theme for this year's diorama, I was excited that we wouldn't have to make any clothing for the Peeps. But Jessica and Doug wanted doctor coats, and I knew it would look cute if we did it right.

Harder than I thought, that's for sure.

Here is a list of things that we can make next year using the same doctor coat design:
1. Priest Peeps
2. Vampire Peeps
3. Cold Old Person Peeps
4. Ghost Peeps

So it needed a little work. We thought about that for a while, during which time Doug made a parking lot for the clinic out of black nail polish and White Out. I think Jessica was making some clay furniture. I was obviously hanging out, taking pictures, and eating. When I wasn't eating, I was in charge of Mod-Podging all the clay furniture we made, with a little help from the hair dryer to move the process along.

Before we knew it, we had quite the cast of Peeps characters lined up to survey my questionable taste in movies. Below you see our news reporter (Doug calls her Chicks McPeep) complete with painted Q-Tip microphone and big ol' necklace; a PTV camera operator; a pregnant Peep (they received priority for their vaccinations, you know!); and two doctors in ill-fitting jackets that were the best thing we could come up with. The stethoscopes were made out of paper clips and Play Dough. And a whole ton of super glue.

Now all that's left is to put them into the diorama! Right?

Maybe not. Stay tuned for the next part of the marathon.

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